D4/HGV Medicals Bradford
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Motor Medicals- Clinic in North & South Bradford

Before you can get a driving licence, a doctor must evaluate your physical well-being. Usually, a GP would conduct the medical examination and fill out the D4 medical report. However, booking an appointment with a regular GP can be frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry to get your PVC medical. In Bradford, you can get the report from a physician other than your GP. 

So, you have a chance to hire an experienced company for the most reliable driver medical Bradford offers. Motor Medicals is one such provider. We have GMC registered doctors who you can see when it’s most convenient, including on weekends. Our doctor will carry out a medical assessment that includes checking your high blood pressure and vision.

FAQs About Our Bradford Location

North Bradford Clinic

The address to our Bradford North Clinic is: 

Chiropractic Clinic, The Courtyard, 39 Bradford Road Bradford, Shipley BD18 3DS

South Bradford Clinic

The address to our Bradford South clinic is;

Low Moor Therapy Centre, Suite 1003, Backstone Business Centre, 451 Cleckheaton Rd, Low Moor, Bradford BD12 0NY

There is ample parking space located at the front of the clinic.

Get in touch with our team for more information regarding forms.

We have an online booking portal which can be used or if you require further information, you can reach us via telephone on 0161 241 9622. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry via the contact form on this page or the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Besides being cheap, our services cater to a broad category of needs. Our doctors are trained in occupational health and know how to assess you according to DVLA standards for specific licence application requirements. We are available for;

PVC/HGV Medical

An HGV medical is necessary if you are applying or reapplying for a Group 2 licence to operate a heavy goods vehicle. If you drive a bus or minibus, you can also contact us for the required medical examination and report. Whether it’s your 5-year renewal, which is necessary after age 45, or the annual reapplication, required after 65 years of age, count on a stress-free medical assessment.

Taxi Driver Medical

Do you drive a private-hire taxi or run a taxi service? You can book an appointment for yourself or your taxi drivers at Motor Medicals. Expect the most comprehensive taxi medical Bradford offers to applicants when booking with us.

Other Services

Our doctors are available for health services driver licensing. So, you can contact us for ambulance, coastguard and similar driver medicals. Motorsport drivers, crane operators and motorhomes are other driver medicals we handle.

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Get one of the most-affordable HGV medicals in Bradford at £47. Our rate covers a free eye test. We have made bookings straightforward. So, even if it’s your first driver medical, you won’t have trouble setting an appointment. Use the clinic finder to locate the most convenient option for a driver medical Bradford offers. Simply enter your location and search. 

You can book your medical examination on the online portal or call us. Find out what to bring to the appointment, such as a report of any ongoing medical conditions. The Bradford taxi council also requires you to include your medical history.

Book a driver medical in Bradford and experience how we take the hassle out of your licence application process.


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