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Are you looking for a boxing Medical near you?

Whether you’re eyeing amateur boxing associations or higher levels, undergoing a mandatory boxing medical examination is often a prerequisite. Our committed team is here to assist you with a thorough, accurate, and cost-effective boxing medical assessment, ensuring you meet the requisite health criteria for a seamless entry into the boxing scene. 

Our comprehensive medicals meet the England boxing guidelines to ensure you can step into the ring with confidence!

What is the role of a boxing medical?

The primary function of a boxing medical summary is to evaluate and record the overall health and fitness of prospective boxers. This essential assessment ensures that candidates meet specific health criteria necessary for safe participation in training sessions and competitive bouts.

The summary typically covers various aspects, including cardiovascular health, neurological function, musculoskeletal integrity, and overall physical well-beingand serves as a comprehensive overview of an individual’s suitability for boxing.

Ultimately, the boxing medical summary serves as a vital safeguard for the well-being of participants within the boxing community, fostering a healthy and competitive environment. Our company simplifies this process, offering convenience and guidance to aspiring boxers, enabling them to pursue their dreams of entering the sport with confidence.

What does the Boxing Medical include?

While each medical examination is customized to suit individual needs, a typical MSA Motorsport Medical follows a general structure like this:

This standardised process ensures that all essential aspects of your health are thoroughly examined to meet the rigorous standards of the MSA for participation in motorsport.

How to arrange your medical?

Speak to our team

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Where are you located?

We have over 40 locations up and down the country running twice a week where you can complete your MSA medical including Motor Medicals clinics in Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Derby, Preston, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Telford, Stoke-on-Trent and more. To find your nearest clinic, please visit the locations tab below:

What will I need to bring?

1. Driving license or Passport

2. Bank statement or utility bill for proof of address

3. A list of any medications that you take (if applicable)

4. Your glasses or contact lenses (if worn)

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