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Who can complete my Firearm Medical?

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Priced at just £60, complete your firearms medical without having to see us in clinic. 

Firearm medicals can only be completed by GMC registered doctors and the medical application must be reviewed by the police. 

Firearm medical is very important for any type of industry where firearm use is required. All police forces in the UK require a firearm medical from all applicants. The focus is to ensure everyone is able to use a firearm without any health issues that might hamper their ability. 

Who is eligible for a Firearms Medical?

Anyone can apply for a firearms license as long as they fulfil the medical criteria. The criteria is based on the standards set by the local police force, who will be reviewing and overlooking the entire process. 

The medical assessment must be conducted by a General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctor. This ensures that the evaluation is performed by a qualified medical professional who adheres to rigorous standards.

Additionally, we will need access to your full medical records, which will need posting to us directly. We will assist in this process by providing documentation which you will need to sign and give to your GP surgery. 

At Motor Medicals Ltd, our GMC registered doctors are experienced in conducting these assessments.  

How Long Will The Process Take?

It can take up to 30 days for your GP surgery to release your medical records. We will actively communicate with the surgery to ensure this is done swiftly. After we have received your notes, we will fill out the appropriate proforma and submit to the relevant police force within 72 hours. We will also be on hand for any follow up queries you or the police force may have. 

At Motor Medicals Ltd, we ensure guidance and assistance throught out the entire Firearms medical process. 

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Required Documentation

 Applicants will need to provide comprehensive medical records, including details of any past or current medical conditions. This includes mental health records, as well as any history of substance abuse or chronic illnesses. Additionally, a valid form of identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, is required to verify the applicant’s identity. At MotorMedicals Ltd, we may also request information on any medications you are currently taking. Our GMC-registered doctors will review this documentation to provide a thorough evaluation. 

Police Requirements

The police have stringent requirements when it comes to issuing firearm licenses. One of the key requirements is a comprehensive medical assessment conducted by a GMC-registered doctor. This assessment ensures that the applicant is both physically and mentally fit to handle a firearm safely. The police require:

  • detailed medical records that include information on any mental health issues
  • substance abuse history
  • chronic illnesses.

This information helps the police determine if the applicant poses any potential risk to themselves or the public.

At MotorMedicals Ltd, we work closely with applicants to ensure all necessary medical documentation is accurately completed and submitted. 

Step-by-step process for obtaining your firearms medical with Motor Medicals Ltd. No appointment necessary. Contact 0161 241 9622. Visit Service price: £60

How much does a Firearms Medical cost? 

Priced at just £60, you know you’re in the right place to obtain your medical quickly whilst being cost effective. 

Why choose us and how can I book?

Our focus is to ensure that you are medically able to carry and use a firearm. That’s why the police is the one that will decide whether you can carry a firearm or not.  If a medical establishment decides that your medical history is not ok and you holding or using a gun poses any danger, you will not receive a license. This is why its important to work with a doctor you can trust! 

Our team performs extensive assessments taking into consideration your medical history and any unique circumstances, ensuring care is tailored to your needs. 

Booking is simple- you can book in online or call our team on 0161 241 9622. We can send our the relevant forms to you via email and guide you through the process. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team

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