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Where Can I Get My MSA Motorsport Medical?

MSA Motorsport Medical
Priced at just 

Get race ready with our medicals! This mandatory examination ensures that drivers are physically fit to handle the rigorous demands of racing, addressing potential health issues that could pose risks on the track. From assessing eyesight to cardiovascular health, this thorough checkup underscores the commitment to safety and well-being in an industry where split-second decisions can have life-altering consequences.


What is the MSA motor sport medical?

The MSA motor sport medical is a comprehensive evaluation mandated by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) in the UK for individuals seeking involvement in motorsport. Its primary objective is to ensure that aspiring drivers are physically capable of participating in various forms of motorsport without endangering themselves or others due to health-related issues. This rigorous examination aims to confirm not only the absence of medical impediments but also the presence of optimal health and fitness required for safe and effective competition. By satisfying this prerequisite, individuals can demonstrate their readiness to meet the diverse requirements set forth by the MSA, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of motorsport..

Do I need an MSA motor sport medical?


The main focus for the MSA motor sport medical is to ensure that you can safely drive a variety of motor vehicles. That means the medical is mandatory if you want a truck, kart or race license. Undergoing the medical will not only demonstrate your readiness to compete but also proactively manage any potential health concerns. This proactive approach not only enhances safety on the track but also prioritizes your overall well-being.

MSA Licenses we cover:

Race, Kart, Speed, Off-Road, Drag, Stage Rally, Cross Country, Non-Race and Entrant.

Our tests are very comprehensive and efficient while still meeting MSA requirements to get you racing as soon as possible.

How much does the MSA motor sport medical cost?

Our price for the MSA motor sport medical is only £70. 

It’s one of the best prices on the market if you need this type of medical certificate. We know how important it is for the MSA to ensure you have the utmost health and no other ongoing issues, ensure your safety with our cheap MSA Motorsport medicals. That’s why our team is always here and ready to assist with a dependable, fast process and a great result every step of the way.

*If additional testing is needed such as urine screening, we do cover these for an additional fee.*

What does the MSA motor sport medical include?

The primary focus for the MSA motor sport medical is to ensure you have adequate health for any type of motorsport. As we know, most of these motorsports have detailed guidelines regarding your health requirements , we use state of the art equipment to ensure everything is monitored accordingly. That way, if there are any issues, we can see them and then narrow down the best course of action. 

Each medical is tailored to ever single customer but in general, an MSA motor sport medical look something like this:

  • Questions about your medical history, if you had any specific conditions and whether they were treated (and how they were treated).
  • Measure your current weight and height, then add that to the record
  • Blood pressure check and also perform a general physical examination. It’s a crucial part of the entire MSA motor sport medical process.
  • Urine test, sample collected in clinic
  • Lastly, we also cover an eye test, which also includes a colour vision test.

These tests are very important for us to see if you meet the strict requirements. We can also provide assistance and guidance is any issues are identified helping you get back on track with your health.  These high risk motorsports can bring a lot of pressure and chance of injury onto your body, so being fully prepared and knowing how to tackle any of these issues is incredibly important.

What do you need to bring to the MSA motor sport medical?

We always try to make these medical check ups as simple and as easy going as possible. That’s why we only ask for the most important things that will help us perform the MSA Motorsport medical adequately

We will need:

  • Photo ID eg Driving license
  • Motorsport medical form (Valid for the year in question)
  • Medications you take

Why should you choose us?

Work with a team of experts that you can trust!

 Our company has been a part of the industry for many years, and use state of the art equipment for all our tests. On top of that, we have some of the best GMC registered doctors to ensure the medicals we perform are very accurate. We value your health and wellbeing, and whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the sport, we’re here to ensure you’re in optimal condition to pursue your passion for racing.. 

We make it easy!

 Collaborating with us streamlines the process of completing your medical and obtaining the essential certificate. Our services extend to nationwide clinics, facilitating convenient access to examinations near your location. Additionally, our user-friendly online or phone booking system allows you to efficiently schedule your medical, ensuring a prompt and effective process. Take your safety to a new gear and book your MSA Motorsport medical today! 

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