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What to Expect During Your Boxing Medical?

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This comprehensive guide will walk you through what to expect during a boxing medical, from the specific tests conducted to the common medical concerns associated with the sport. At Motor Medicals Ltd, we provide fast, affordable boxing medicals performed by GMC-registered doctors for just £75. With over 2000 five-star reviews on Google, we are the UK’s number one medical provider, offering a wide range of appointment times, including evenings, for your convenience. Read on to learn more about the essential aspects of a boxing medical and how you can book your appointment with us.

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What’s Included in a Boxing medical?

During a boxing medical, the physical examination is a critical component. The doctor will begin by assessing your overall physical health. This includes checking your weight, height, and body mass index (BMI). They will also measure your blood pressure and pulse to ensure your cardiovascular system is in good condition.

Next, the doctor will examine your eyes, ears, nose, and throat to identify any potential issues that could affect your ability to box safely. They will also conduct a thorough examination of your musculoskeletal system, including your joints, muscles, and bones, to ensure there are no injuries that could be exacerbated by boxing.

Finally, the doctor may perform a neurological examination to check your reflexes, coordination, and overall nervous system health. This comprehensive physical examination helps ensure that you are fit and ready to step into the ring.

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Vision and Hearing Tests

During a boxing medical, vision and hearing tests are essential to ensure a boxer’s sensory functions are intact. The vision test typically involves reading from an eye chart to check for visual acuity. The doctor will also look for any signs of eye conditions like glaucoma or cataracts, which could impair your ability to see clearly in the ring.

The hearing test involves assessing your ability to hear different frequencies and volumes. The doctor may conduct a pure-tone audiometry test, where you’ll wear headphones and indicate when you hear sounds at various pitches and volumes. Good hearing is crucial for boxers to respond to their coach’s instructions and be aware of their surroundings during a match.

Ensuring optimal vision and hearing helps in maintaining overall performance and safety in the ring.

Neurological Assessment

A neurological assessment is a vital part of the boxing medical to ensure the safety and readiness of the boxer. During this assessment, the doctor will evaluate your nervous system to detect any abnormalities that could affect your performance or increase the risk of injury.

The doctor will check your reflexes by tapping various points on your body with a small hammer to see if your muscles respond appropriately. Coordination tests, such as walking in a straight line or touching your nose with your finger, help determine your balance and motor skills.

These tests ensure that your brain and nervous system are functioning well, which is crucial for reacting quickly and accurately in the ring. A thorough neurological assessment helps ensure you are fit to compete safely.

Drug and Urine Testing

In addition to the standard tests included in a boxing medical, we also offer drug and urine testing services. These tests are available for an additional cost and can be crucial for boxers who need to meet specific regulatory or contractual requirements.

Another important test is the Electrolyte Panel, which evaluates levels of essential minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium in your blood. Imbalances in these electrolytes can affect muscle function and overall performance, making it vital to monitor their levels closely. Please call us for more information on electrolyte panel screening. 

Infographic of drug and urine screening for PEDS and metabolic health at Motor Medicals

Comprehensive Drug Testing

Drug testing is designed to detect the presence of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and other prohibited substances that could compromise the fairness and safety of the sport. Our drug testing service involves a thorough screening process conducted by experienced professionals, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Urine Analysis

Urine testing is another essential component, often used to detect substances that may not show up in blood tests. It also helps in identifying conditions like kidney problems, dehydration, and other metabolic issues that could affect your health and performance.

How to Add These Services

If you require drug or urine testing in addition to your boxing medical, please inform our team when booking your appointment. We will provide all necessary details, including the additional costs and any preparation needed for these tests. Offering these comprehensive services ensures that you meet all the necessary health and safety standards, keeping you fit and ready to compete.

Affordable Boxing Medicals

At Motor Medicals Ltd, we understand the importance of both quality and affordability in healthcare. Our boxing medicals are priced at just £75, making them accessible without compromising on the thoroughness and expertise required for such critical examinations. We aim to provide exceptional value, ensuring that all boxers, whether amateur or professional, can afford a comprehensive medical evaluation.

Fast and Convenient Service

Booking your boxing medical with us is straightforward and hassle-free. You can easily schedule an appointment online or by calling our customer service team. Our streamlined process ensures minimal waiting times, allowing you to get back to training as soon as possible.

We are committed to providing high-quality medical assessments that ensure the health and safety of our clients in the ring. Our GMC-registered doctors have extensive experience in sports medicine, allowing them to offer expert evaluations tailored to the unique needs of boxers.


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