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What is it like Being a Lorry Driver?

Being a lorry driver is the type of job that has become very appealing for a lot of people. There are many interesting things when it comes to driving a lorry when it comes to the experience and the unique driving requirements you receive during the day.

It’s important to have the HGV training that you need, and you also need to focus on testing yourself and ensure everything is ok. Pushing the boundaries and making sure you tackle everything at the highest level is very important.


Before you become a lorry driver, you must undergo HGV training. The truth is that you have to go through multiple processes just to show that yes, you are able to drive and everything is done at the right level. The training is crucial because you need to ensure you have all the knowledge and expertise you need. Driving a lorry is not a simple job and if you want to do it for many years, then adequate training is pretty much mandatory and something to take into consideration here.

What Does a Lorry Driver do on an Average Day?

That depends on a variety of factors. For example, you will have to do vehicle checks. Since you are a lorry driver, you want to ensure that the vehicle is working at the highest possible level. Even if you just drove it the day before, you do want to be certain that it all works exactly as expected.

That might not be a huge challenge at first, but in the end, the benefits can be second to none and something to consider quite a bit. Even criminal checks are required for a lorry driver, just to ensure that there are no legal problems that can arise. So yes, there are plenty of things to do in a situation like this.

Checking the vehicle often is crucial because the last thing you want as a lorry driver is to deal with any problems with it on the road. It’s better to prevent issues rather than deal with them randomly, and that’s exactly the thing you want to focus on in a situation like this. Yes, there are obvious challenges that can arise, and if you do it right the benefits can be second to none all the time.

Types of Jobs You Need to do

One of the things you do as a lorry driver is shunting. The shunter driver is the one responsible for moving vehicles on construction sites. There is also tramping, where you need to involve a very long haul where you actually need to live in your vehicle for quite some time.

Handling these jobs is never easy, but that’s the thing that differentiates a lorry driver from any other driver. You always have to face new challenges, and that’s the reason why you want to eliminate everything and ensure it all works exactly the way you want. Doing that properly can make a huge difference and it’s exactly what you want to pursue.

Of course, there are also specific types of jobs that you will undertake here too. You can be a freight haulier, flatbed or dry van haulier, or even a refrigerated haulier or local haulier. The possibilities are limitless as a lorry driver and at the end of the day, you can choose the type of job you want to perform the most.

Doing that is certainly going to help quite a bit, and you will be more than impressed with the benefits and quality. This is exactly why you want to tackle any issues and ensure everything is working at the highest possible level.

What is the Pay for a Lorry Driver?

The lorry driver pay will vary significantly based on the company. The average in the UK is around £15.75 per hour for a lorry driver. That means you usually get £40000 per year, sometimes depending on the jobs you take this salary will go up to £60000 every year.

That’s the great thing here, the fact that you can have a large earning potential, and you don’t have to worry that much about the possible issues or challenges that can arise.

There will always be some challenges on the road, that’s the nature of a lorry driver. But if you tackle this right and know what you are dealing with, the outcome can indeed be amazing.

This is exactly why being a lorry driver is a very good idea. It certainly brings a large variety of benefits, and the approach you can take is very impressive.

That doesn’t mean it’s a job without issues, you will face quite a lot of them. But the capability to adapt and adjust accordingly, all of that can indeed make a huge difference and it will be one of the things you will appreciate the most all the time here.

Your Life on the Road

Being a lorry driver is not going to be simple. It will come with its fair share of different situations, like being away from your family for quite some time. But then again this is the type of job where you expect to be on the road for a while. And yes, the amount of time you are on the road will vary from one job to the next.

Sometimes you might be away just for a few days. Other times you are away for quite some time, maybe a week or more. You do need to adjust to the idea that there will be times when you miss family events, meetings and so on due to your job.

This is also a job that can be lonely for a lot of people since they don’t have anyone to communicate with. But that’s the thing which matters here, your capacity to adapt to all kinds of different situations and find the right way to get past those. Is it tricky?

Yes, it can definitely be for a lot of people. But yes, not everyone is fit for this particular job, and it can be tricky to deal with it. Yet at the end of the day, the job itself is very fulfilling and that on its own is what really matters the most when it comes to being a lorry driver.


If you want to become a lorry driver, you do need to ensure that you take your driver medical exam. This is crucial because not only will it help you save time, but it’s also a mandatory requirement that you want to fulfil adequately.

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