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What is Included in an HGV Medical?

In order to become a commercial driver or HGV driver, you do need to show that you are medically fit to complete this type of task. After all, these requirements can be highly specific and challenging, so taking the HGV medical test will show if you have the health needed to ensure everything is tackled appropriately.

In order to do that, you will need to undergo the v examination which comes in the form of a D4 form. This is extremely important and it can be adapted and adjusted in a rightful manner.

How Much Time is the HGV License Valid For?

You do need to take the exam every 5 years once you get past 45 years old. Until that age, you just have to sign a declaration where you confirm that you are still up to the medical standards. But yes, after a certain age you will need to undergo the HGV medical exam every 5 years to renew the driving entitlement. Without that, there’s no renewal and you can’t drive. So yes, this is a very important aspect that you must take into account as much as possible here.

The HGV medical has 2 parts. First, you discuss with the doctor and you will talk about your health conditions and whether they can/will interfere with your driving. You will also discuss your current medical history, which is extremely important to keep in mind. Motor Medicals carries D4 /HGV medicals so you can ensure that our doctors will help guide you through the process quickly and without any possible hassle or challenges.

During the HGV medical you will also have a physical examination. This is important because the doctor checks your vision and other vital signs. Generally, the D4 medical exam will take around 30 minutes. During that time the doctor will also fill out the DVLA form that will be sent to the authorities. You can request a form copy if you want.

What are the Requirements of the HGV Medical?

There are specific requirements that you need to surpass in order to pass the HGV medical and be able to drive. These include:

  • A driver should be able to read a number place from 20 years or more without or with glasses or contact lenses. In case you need glasses, you shouldn’t have a prescription higher than 8+. On top of that, the vision has to be 160-degrees or above that, depending on the situation.
  • When it comes to neurological conditions, the HGV medical personnel will examine to see if you have any issues like seizures, blackouts, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and any other neurological condition.
  • As an HGV driver you also need to have great mental health. The doctor will talk with you about cognitive impairment problems, dementia, depression and other mental health issues.
  • Heart conditions are also a topic of communication here. You will need to share if you had any heart surgery recently, that will not be ok since you can’t drive for a long time. Other heart issues that are kept under control will be fine for the most part, so there’s no real need to worry here.
  • Diabetes kept under control is ok, but you must record glucose testing 2 times per day. In case you have an insulin treatment, you need to share the latest, 3 months of glucose reading son a personal meter that helps deliver the right request, which is extremely important to keep in mind here.
  • Sleep disorders can lead to problems. That’s where you have to be very honest. Many sleep disorders can be managed, and that’s exactly the thing you need to take into account, as the results can be more than impressive. It’s totally a thing to focus on at all costs.
  • Alcohol and drug usage also become a crucial part of the HGV medical as well. The thing is that you can’t have alcohol or drugs in the system while operating an HGV. The doctor will assess the situation, and find any signs of alcohol use or chronic drug use, and the results can be more than impressive.

The Average Cost of an HGV Medical Exam

Costs will differ based on where you take the HGV medical exam. You need to ensure that you take the D4 exam at a qualified facility like Motor Medicals. Prices can be under or over £50, depending on where you take the test. It’s very important to make sure you work with the best in the industry, as that’s where you will get the best possible experience and results, and you will certainly enjoy the outcome thanks to that.

Does the HGV Medical Renew Automatically?

As we mentioned earlier, the HGV medical requires you to confirm the previous readings and show that yes, you are still ok to drive. When you get past 45 years old, the HGV medical is mandatory every 5 years. So yes, you do need to ensure that you are still able to drive and also show that during the medical exam. This is also where the HGV medical team will check your latest health readings and ensure that everything is up to par. It will be a bit of a challenge at first, but the results as a whole will be much better every time.

How can Motor Medicals help?

As you can see, it’s very important to pass the HGV medical test if you want to ensure that you get to drive HGVs on the road. It’s a mandatory test, and we will ensure that you are apt to be on the road. We will also offer you the guidelines and information you need to access all of that quickly, and you will not have to worry about any issues or challenges that might arise. We are always committed to value and excellence, and once you work with us, you will not have to worry about any issues that might arise.

The HGV medical team from Motor Medicals is here to assist with the D4 medical and we can carry out the exam at any of our nationwide clinics. We have GMC registered professionals and we also have great clinic times that will suit the driver depending on the situation. When you come to us, you need to bring in your ID, relevant hospital letters, contacts or glasses and your medication list.

We always focus on making sure that our team is here to assist and we will offer all the support and help you need. It’s crucial to ensure that you work with the best HGV medical team and our commitment is always to quality and professionalism. We know how important this exam is for you, and that’s why everything is handled with the utmost care and attention.

If you need to perform an HGV medical exam, contact Motor Medicals today, we are here to assist and we can offer all the help that you may need. We know that nothing is impossible when you work with us, and you will be more than happy with the experience no matter the situation. Contact us right away and if you have any questions or requirements, we will be more than happy to help!


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