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How to Become a Wolverhampton Council Taxi Driver?

Wolverhampton is a metropolitan borough and administrative centre in the West Midlands, and the city has a population of 249470 people according to the latest census. The important thing to note is that there’s a lot of demand for taxi services, and that’s why it can be a great idea to become a Wolverhampton council taxi driver. However, understanding the process of becoming a taxi driver can be difficult, since there are different steps to go through. We are here to help you figure out how you can apply and become a Wolverhampton council taxi driver in no time.

Why Should you Apply for a Wolverhampton Council Taxi License?

One of the major advantages you get from applying for a license is that Wolverhampton is always in need of taxi drivers. This industry is widely sought after, and you can earn a pretty good income. As a result, it’s a very good idea to become a taxi driver, since you can further enhance your skills while putting them to the test and helping a lot of people.

On top of that, the entire process of applying for a license is not that complex. In fact, it’s one of the easiest councils where you can get a taxi license. That being said, you still need to go through multiple steps until you acquire the license. But the process is not as complex as you might expect.

Entry Requirements

Before you apply for the Wolverhampton council taxi license, you do need to ensure that you surpass the entry requirements. While there aren’t too many of them, you must to abide to this list and ensure you pass everything, otherwise, you will need to go through this entire process.

  • You will need a full GB driver’s license. Additionally, you must have the license for at least an entire year before you apply for a taxi license. If you have the license for less than a year at the time of your application, you will not be able to apply, so you need to wait until the year is finished.
  • A valid taxi medical is mandatory. It should be performed within the last 4 months, however, the closer the medical is to the date of your application, the better. However, the 4-month timeline stands, so even a medical that’s a couple of months old will be fine.
  • You must submit proof that you have the right to work within the UK.
  • A full enhanced DBS
  • DVLA license check
  • You must go through the taxi assessment program
  • Share an email address
  • You need to be over 18 years old.

If everything is ok and you pass the entry requirements, it usually takes around 30 working days to receive your license. You can apply online for the Wolverhampton taxi driver license, and then you have to wait until everything is checked and you will know if there are any requirements or things you need to do.

Book your Taxi Medical

As you can see, the taxi medical is very important, since the Wolverhampton council wants to see that you are fit to offer this type of service. You can get your driver medical in Wolverhampton from Motor Medicals, it will help you save a significant amount of time, and it’s also one of the most affordable services you can use. After you are declared to be medically fit to drive, you can continue the application. Generally, you receive the certificate on the day of your medical. It’s a mandatory step and a very important one to take into consideration.

Applying for the License Check and DBS

The DBS is focused on searching for any criminal offences that you committed in the past. The license check is designed to see if you had any driving offences. You can apply for the DBS and DVLA checks here. It’s important to note that most checks are performed within 24 hours. With that in mind, it can take up to 10 or even 14 days to receive a result. So if the result doesn’t arrive in a couple of days, it just means there are many checks to process, and it will take more than anticipated.

Go through the Taxi Assessment Program

You can only enter this program once you did the DBS check and your medical. With that in mind, this assessment program is a 6-hour course you need to go through, and then you will have to fulfill a multiple-choice question test. You must have a score of 75% of over to pass. This assessment is only done in English, so even if you are a foreigner, English is the only language allowed for the assessment.

Applying for the Wolverhampton Taxi Badge

If you apply for a year, the taxi badge is £64.00, but if you want a 3-year badge, the total cost is £120. It depends on different factors, but a badge for a longer timespan tends to be less expensive. One thing to consider here is the fact that the badge itself is not refundable. Once you start applying for the taxi badge in Wolverhampton, the application process guides you through all the other steps you need to fulfill.


Becoming a Wolverhampton council taxi driver will require some work, and you do need to fulfill all the entry requirements. You also want to ensure that you perform the taxi medical, and also get the DBS and license check done. It’s always a good idea to perform these ahead of time and apply without any rush. It might take a little while to receive the results, so the faster you apply, the better.


Is the Medical Mandatory?

Yes, you will not be able to become a Wolverhampton taxi driver without a medical. This is needed to show you don’t have any disabilities or health issues that prevent you from driving. Since it’s a professional service you want to offer, a medical is crucial because it will show your current health state and that will decide if you can become a Wolverhampton council taxi driver or not.

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