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How to Become a Lorry Driver in The UK?

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There’s a significant demand for lorry drivers in the UK, making it an attractive career option for those with the requisite driving skills. Not only is there consistent job availability, but the compensation is also commendable. But as with any job, it comes with its challenges such as long hours, daily driving, and extended periods away from home.

Choosing the Right Lorry Driver Category

Cat C1+E License: Allows you to operate vehicles weighing between 3500 and 7500 kg, with a trailer exceeding 750 kg.

Category C or Category 2: Enables you to drive large vehicles over 3500 kg, with a trailer weighing up to 750 kg.

Category C+E or Category 1: Suitable for vehicles over 3500 kg, where the trailer can be more than 750 kg.

Kickstarting Your Journey: Medical Assessment

One of the initial steps towards obtaining a lorry driver’s licence in the UK is undergoing an HGV medical examination. This ensures you are fit to drive and have no medical conditions that might compromise your abilities on the road. You can conveniently book your medical assessment at Motor Medicals, known for its nationwide centres, transparent pricing, and swift service.

CPC training/ theory training

To be a licensed lorry driver, one must complete a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training, which consists of 35 hours of training every five years. Failing to maintain this certification could result in fines of up to £1000.

There are many different options when it comes to lorry driver CPC training. CPC Direct offers a great option, SureCall might also be a good idea to keep in mind. Both of them can help immensely, and you will be able to access the theory training and CPC training you need in order to become a lorry driver.

Prerequisites and Qualifications

  • Before venturing into the world of lorry driving, ensure you:
  • Possess a full car licence.
  • Are at least 18 years of age (exceptions might apply based on region).
  • Obtain a professional driving qualification comprising five tests for the driver CPC.

Experienced drivers might be exempted from some tests, while newcomers need to take all. Interestingly, one can directly apply for class 1 training without undergoing class 2. Application for the provisional licence depends on the vehicle type and trailer weight. Acquire forms D4 and D2 from the DVLA, complete them, and send them alongside a photocard driving licence.

You’ll be pleased to know there’s no application fee, but expect a waiting period of up to three weeks. The driver CPC test involves theory, case studies, off-road exercises, and on-road driving. Prepare diligently, acquire the necessary qualifications, and soon you’ll be road-ready.

The Lure of Lorry Driving

The UK’s robust demand for lorry drivers extends to Europe, expanding your job horizon. This profession is not only financially rewarding but also makes you a sought-after asset for haulage companies and other employers, paving the way for lucrative business opportunities.

The Imperative of Practical Training

Practical training is non-negotiable. Engaging in hands-on practice with a DVSA-certified instructor ensures you’re thoroughly prepared for the exams and the road ahead. Comprehensive training enhances your prospects of securing a lorry license and subsequent employment.

Is Lorry Driving Suitable for You?

If you’re passionate about driving and can manage the intricacies of the road – from adverse weather conditions to unexpected route changes – then this might be the perfect career for you. It’s tailored for those who are meticulous, patient, and organised.


Embarking on a career as a lorry driver in the UK might require effort and dedication, but the path is straightforward. From medical assessments and licence applications to essential training, each step is a stride towards a promising future. Given the vast job opportunities in this domain, aspiring lorry drivers can look forward to a rewarding career

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